Thursday, April 17, 2014

Designer Journalling Tags to the Rescue and a New Blog Header

I was rushing to get a couple of care packages with Easter goodies off to our Army son and his roommate and did not have time to do a big project of cards to put in.  I had to get the post office before closing or they would not get there in time!  So I grabbed the pack of Retro Fresh Journaling Tags, some scraps of Retro Fresh DSP and the Eggtra Spectacular stamps and whipped up these guys.        
Quick is good sometimes!!

Also I made a new blog header with My Digital Studio.  I am so happy to have new little kitties for Kitty Stamp!

When my computer hard drive crashed before Christmas I did not have everything backed up.  (I learned my lesson and now have everything safe and secure!)

One of the things I lost was my MDS downloads.  I downloaded them again (this took quite a while as I have a pretty big library) but I did not see the Cute Cats stamp set.   I was really bummed.  I love those cute kitties and use them all the time for my "signature" on the back of cards and on my blog.    It turns out they were on the original MDS program but not on the new version.

I still had my original CD so I popped in the content disc and installed it.  When I restarted MDS it did not work at all!  PANIC!!  I was afraid I really messed it up would have to reinstall everything all over again.  Thankfully after a call to demo support where they told me to update the software to the new version it all worked just fine and I have my Cute Cats back!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Digital Studio Vellum Techniques - Stained Glass

One last vellum technique!  I have two versions of the Stained Glass technique-- one completely done with My Digital Studio and one hybrid method.

This is the all digital project:
My Digital Studio Stained Glass- "painted" digitally

Stained Glass Window Ornament (Digital method):
1.  Add the digital egg stamp from Easter Blossoms to the page and enlarge it to 2-1/2" inches.  (For both methods you need a stamp that has open spaces to fill in with color.)

2.  Add a brush layer on top. (Look under the freeform menu to find this).  Stretch the layer to completely cover the stamp.
3.  Paint over the all the open areas with various colors.  (I used Melon Mambo, Crisp Cantaloupe and Gumball Green.)  

It looks messy at this point:
Paint over all the open areas with paint
4.  Rearrange the layers so the paint layer is behind the stamp. 

Magically it looks beautiful!
5.  Print on vellum cardstock.
6.  Die cut it with 4th oval framelit (counting from smallest to largest)
7.  Diecut a frame from Gold Foil with the 3rd and 4th Framelits nested.
8.  Attach Gold Baker's Twine hanger and Gumball Green ribbon.

For the hybrid method I printed just the egg image (no painted layer) and then colored the back side with markers.   This is like the traditional stained glass method where you stamp on vellum and then color the open areas with markers.
Hybrid method - Egg printed digitally then colored with markers
Comparing the two methods I found the all digital version took a little longer to do but the results were cleaner and crisper.   You can see in the above photo that the markers show through a bit and also are more streaky.

I do hope you have enjoyed this series of tutorials and are able to use these methods in your projects!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Digital Studio Vellum Techniques- Hand Embossing and Faux Shadow Stamping

I was planning to wrap up my mini series of My Digital Studio Vellum Technique tutorials today but this is a rather long post.  Tomorrow I will have one last project and tutorial.

The remaining techniques are ones frequently done with traditional stamps.  Doing them with MDS is simple and not really anything new-- just a fun variation.  Unlike traditional stamps with MDS you can vary the size of stamped images, get different color variations and save your projects so you can make them again!

Hand Embossed Luminary:
To conserve vellum I have images for two of the projects on the same page.  The bottom portion of the page is a sneak peek of tomorrow's project!

Finished MDS page
1.  Open an 8-1/2" X 11" blank landscape project.
2.  Add the little girl stamp.  Resize to approximately 1-3/4" high.  Change to a dark color.
3.  Add the branch stamp.  Resize to approximately 3" high.  Change color.  Copy, paste and mirror image the stamp.   Position on either side of the girl.
4.  Add any other images for other projects and print on Vellum cardstock.
5.  Flip the cardstock over and lay it on the piercing pad.  Use the score tool to indent some of the flowers.
6.  Cut the cardstock to 3-1/2" X 11".  Join in a circle and adhere with Sticky Strip.  I put mine on a glass candle holder but this works as stand alone luminary as well.  (Use a battery operated candle.)

Faux Shadow Stamped Card:

Finished MDS page (for two cards)
1.  Open an 8-1/2" X 11" blank landscape project.
2.  Add as a page layer a dark color.
3.  Reduce the opacity to 60.
4.  Add the little girl image.  Resize to approximately 2-3/4" tall.
5.  Use the color picker to change the color of the image to the same as the background.  (Your image will disappear.)
6.  Add a drop shadow.  (I used the default settings.)
7.  Copy and paste if you are making multiple cards.
8.  Print on Vellum card stock.
9.  Die cut with the 5th (counting from the smallest to largest) Ovals Collection Framelit.
10.  Place the largest smooth oval framelit extending over the folded edge of Whisper White cardstock as shown.  Run through the Big Shot.
11.  Position the 4th Oval Framelit (counting from smallest to largest) on the front of the open card.  Run through the Big Shot.
12.  Layer a piece of heart printed Gold Fancy Foil Vellum on Whisper White cardstock.  Diecut both pieces with the largest scalloped and the third oval frame lit.  Use mini glue dots under the hearts to adhere the two pieces together.
Pieces ready to assemble
13.  Wrap Gold Baker's Twine around the outer frame three times on each side.  Use regular tape on the back of the frame to secure.
14.  Layer the card front and frame with the vellum image in between.
15.  I added a liner for the envelope cut from Fancy Foil Vellum with the Envelope Liner Framelit.

Digital Stamps: Easter Blossoms
Cardstock: Vellum Cardstock, Whisper White, Gold Fancy Foil Vellum
Accessories:  Mini Glue Dots,  Gold Bakers Twine
Big Shot: Ovals Collection Framelits, Envelope Liner Framelits
Tools: Piercing Mat, Stylus

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Digital Studio Vellum Techniques- Vellum Float Photo Frame

Today's post is a continuation of the MDS Vellum Technique suite from yesterday.  Of all the projects this one was the one that was (is) giving me the most problems photographically.  The photo and images are printed on vellum and then attached to a clear glass base with washi tape.
It looks lovely when backlit but that really did not look right when I tried to photograph it that way.  If I put it on a white background the glass totally disappeared; putting it on a black background the vellum portion was too dark.  This not-so-great pic is the best of the bunch.

So IF you could see it in real life you would see that the photo is crisp with soft muted colors.  The sentiment and girl silhouette stamps are color matched to my daughter's pants.  I saved this color as a favorite and used it in all the other projects as the base color.  The gold washi tape matches tones in the background of the photo and is itself somewhat translucent so it adds to the light airy feel.

Best of all it is super easy to do!  Here is how:  

There are several ways to do this project.  You can design on a 5" X 7" page, cut your vellum card stock to 5" X 7" and insert that in your printer.  I prefer to design on 8-1/2" X 11" pages and trim to size afterward as my printer handles regular size paper consistently.  I will give instructions for the latter method.

Vellum Float Photo Frame:
Finished MDS page
1.  Open a new blank 8-1/2" X 11" portrait page.
2.  Add a square punch.  Use the rulers at the side and stretch to 5" x 7".  Center the punch.  (This punch is a place holder.  It will be deleted later.)
3.  Add a 2-1/2" X 2-1/2" photo box.  Add photo and a mat.  (Use the default mat size and a color that coordinates with your photo.)
4.  Add the little girl stamp and "Sending Springtime Smiles: sentiment.
5.  Change the color of the stamps to a dark color such as Elegant Eggplant or use the color picker to choose a dark color from the photo.  I chose the dark blue of the blue jeans.
6.  If you are using a color from the photo add it to your favorites.  (When you have the Color Picker open, click "add to favorites" is the bottom right hand corner.)
7.  Add Corner Punches at each corner.  These are guides for cutting once you have printed the project.
8.  Delete the 5" X 7" rectangular punch. 
9.  Print the project on Vellum Cardstock
10.  Trim the vellum to 5" X 7".
11.  Attach the photo to an 8" X 10" piece of glass with strips of Washi Tape.

Note:  I used the glass from an 8" X 10" photo frame.  This was a higher quality frame and edges of the glass were beveled.  Some less expensive frames might have glass that is somewhat sharp on the edges.  

Friday, April 11, 2014

My Digital Studio Vellum Techniques- Faux Vitalized Vellum

I have been playing around with ideas for techniques that use My Digital Studio images printed on vellum.  I have to say I love the results in person but I have had a bear of time photographing them.    I came close to not even posting these.  But in real life they are really pretty and the techniques are nifty-- if I do say so myself:) -- so I am going to post them and hope that you will be inspired to try them.
Each of the projects has a different technique.  From left to right they are:  Faux Vitalized Vellum Bag, Vellum Float Photo Frame,  Faux Shadow Stamped Card, and Hand Embossed Luminary.

I have tutorials for each of these plus an additional little bonus project not pictured here.   These are techniques that could be used on many different images and projects.   I thought step-by-step tutorials would be the easiest way to convey the method.   Because of the length I am going to break this into a couple of posts over the next several days.

All projects were printed on Stampin' Up Vellum Cardstock with my home printer.

Faux Vitalized Vellum Bag:
This first technique is one that I named Faux Vitalized Vellum.  The traditional Vitalized Vellum technique is done by rubbing an ink pad over vellum to cover it with ink.  Then clean stamps are stamped on the wet ink.  This removes the color in the stamped areas leaving them lighter than the background.  This project creates the same look with MDS.
Faux Vitalized Vellum Technique
Finished MDS Page
1. Open a 8-1/2" X 11" blank landscape project.
2.  Add a square punch and stretch it to 8-1/2" X 8-1/2".  Fill with a dark color.  Reduce the opacity to 60%.
3.  To simulate the streaks of the pad on the paper, add the Vintage Overlay Texture #8 stamp.  Change the color to the same as the punch but at 100% opacity.
4.  Add the flower stamp from Easter Blossoms.  Make it the same color as the background but change the opacity to 30.  Copy and paste multiple times.  Vary the size, flip and rotate the stamp until the background is covered.
5.  Add the "Happy Easter" stamp at the side.  (same color as the background at 100%)
6.  Print on Vellum Cardstock.
7. Trim the vellum so it is 8-1/2" X 9".  You will have 1/2" that is unprinted at the right side.  That is so that when you assemble the box the color does not show through at the seam.
8.  Score at 2", 4", 6", 8".  Turn and score 2" from the bottom.
Score at 2", 4", 6" and 8"
Turn.  Score at 2".
9.  Cut tabs and assemble box with Sticky Strip.
Bottom tabs cut and 1/2" unprinted tab at right side.
10. Pinch the sides in at the top and punch two holes with a hole punch through all the layers.
11. Tie a bow with White Taffeta Ribbon.
12.  Die cut "Happy Easter" with a Banner Framelit and attach with a Mini Glue dot.

Digital Stamps: Easter Blossoms, Vintage Overlays
Cardstock: Vellum Cardstock
Accessories: Simply Score Board, Sticky Strip, Mini Glue Dots, 3/8" White Taffeta Ribbon
Big Shot: Banner Framelits

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Stamp Review Crew: Oh, Hello Edition

Welcome to the newest edition of the Stamp Review Crew Blog Hop.   Oh, Hello is our featured stamp set for this round.  Our links are permanent so you can hop anytime- now or in the future.  Also you can click on the banner above to go to the Stamp Review Crew Blog which has all the links to participating blogs.

Inspiration for my project came from a corrugated cardboard display I saw in a store.  I thought it was neat the way the accordion folded sections intersected.
As I was thinking about recreating it, I decided to use the Designer Rosette Bigshot Die to cut the base.  That way the scoring is already done and it has pretty decorative edges to dress it up a bit.

This folds flat so you can mail it.   Here is the top view:
The Oh, Hello set has versatile and fresh geometric images.  Here a couple of chevron shapes are popped up for some dimension.
It might not be obvious but the green chevron background under the flower image below is also one of the stamps from this set.
The Oh, Hello image fits perfectly in one of the Word Bubbles Framelits.  (I snipped the little notch off with a pair of scissors.)
For a bit of texture I added buttons and a pleated piece of chevron ribbon.  There are so many ways this could be personalized!
If you would like the details for making the base continue reading or you can skip to the bottom and click on the buttons to continue with the hop.

Rosette Die Accordion Base Directions:
1.  Die cut two pieces of DSP or card stock with the Rosette Designer Die.  Cutting on the scoreline, trim one section away.
 2.  Use the Paper Trimmer to cut 1-1/4" slits along the zigzag edge.  Make the slits on the scorelines at the 2nd, 8th, 14th and 20th spaces.
Place the zigzags at the top of the trimmer.  Line up the scoreline on the cutting line.   Cut down to the 1-1/4" mark.
3.  Fold in half then fold each side back so one section shows at the edge.
4.  Fold one piece with valley, mountain, valley and the second with mountain, valley, mountain folds.  Interlock the two pieces at the slits.  Have fun decorating!

Thank you for stopping by!  Please click on one of the buttons below.   The Previous button will take you to Heidi's blog and the Next button to Tanya's.  Great projects whichever way you choose to hop!  The Stamp Review Crew will be back in two weeks when we will feature another beautiful stamp set!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Four Drawer Boxed Treats Tutorial

One idea I had some time ago was to make pull-out drawers to go inside the Tag-a-Bag Gift Boxes.  As I started to play around with this I realized the Milk Carton Die could be modified for the drawers making this a really easy project!
The four drawers are perfect for four types of candy or other small gifts.  I made mine with Sale-a-Bration products but there are so many papers that would look just adorable.    If you make a version of this I would love to see it.   Leave me a comment in the comment section so I can check it out!

Here's the scoop on making them.

For the Boxes:
1.  Die cut milk cartons from four different patterns of DSP .
2.  Line up the bottom of each die cut with the 3-3/4” mark on the trimmer and trim.
Place the bottom of the die cut on the 3-3/4" mark of the trimmer

Top portion trimmed away
3.  Die cut four small hearts with the Hearts a Flutter Framelits from Strawberry Slush, Summer Starfruit, Pool Party and Pistachio Pudding cardstock.
4.  Adhere a heart to the front panel of each box.
Placement of the heart diecut
5. Punch two holes in each heart with a small (1/16th inch) hole punch or make holes with the paper piercer.
6.  Thread a 5” length of twine from the Sweet Sorbet Accessory Pack through each hole.  Knot the end of the twine.
7.  Assemble the boxes with Sticky Strip.
Assembled boxes

Decorate the outer box:

1.  Lay the Tag a Bag box on its side.
2.  Adhere a 2” X 6-1/2” piece of DSP to the top and two 2” X 2-1/8” strips to the sides.
3.  Starting on the bottom, wrap a length of Summer Starfruit Stitched Satin Ribbon around the box.  Adhere with tape on bottom.
4.  For tag, die cut the scalloped heart from the Hearts a Flutter Framelit set from a 2-1/2" X 4-1/4" piece of Crisp Cantaloupe card stock.  (Reserve the outer portion for the card.)
5.  Punch a hole in the top of the heart.  Thread twine through hole.  Tie two extra pieces of twine on first piece.
6.  Here is one idea for decorating the tag.

Love Ya Card:

1.  Cut a 4-1/4” X 11” Pool Party cardbase.  Score at 5-1/2”
2.  Layer with a 4” X 5-1/4” piece of DSP
3.  Stamp the heart image from the Peachy Keen set with Pool Party ink on Whisper White cardstock.
4.  Layer behind the reserved Crisp Cantaloupe piece from Step 4 above.
5.  Add a ½” X 4” strip of DSP on top.
6.  Ink just the "Love" portion of the Love Ya stamp with a Strawberry Slush marker and stamp on DSP.   Die cut with the small heart from the Heart’s a Flutter Framelits.   Ink the "Ya" with the marker and stamp on Whisper White card stock.  Punch with the 3/4" circle punch and layer with black punched Boho Blossom piece. 
7.  Die cut the small heart from the Heart's a Flutter Framelits from Strawberry Slush.  Layer several pieces of twine under the heart and place in the upper left corner. 

Stamps: Just Sayin',  Peachy Keen
Cardstock: Whisper White, Crisp Cantaloupe, Pool Party, Pistachio Pudding, Strawberry Slush, Summer Starfruit, Sweet Sorbet DSP
Ink: Pool Party, Basic Black
Accessories: Sweet Sorbet Accessory Pack, Summer Starfruit Stitched Satin Ribbon, Strawberry Slush Marker, Sticky Strip
Punches: 3/4" Circle, Boho Blossom, Banner, Word Window, Full Heart
Big Shot:  Milk Carton Bigz Die, Hearts a Flutter Framelits, Hearts Collection Framelits
Non SU:  small hole punch